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 Money: Can we survive without it? Just the other day I met a bright college student. In my discussion, the topic of the importance of money came up. I told him to decide what he wants to achieve in life with money. Earn that much and spend that much, as like electricity money cannot be stored.
Fame: In the same discussion I also asked him about fame. As a youngster to him, fame was being a star and a crowd puller. My argument was “ is it also not a threat puller”? is it not something that makes you become restless for more fame and one slip you are out of the reckoning forever.
Identity: this was the last topic that came up. I asked him to define identity. He tried in many ways but what came up were like, whats his name, his date of birth, Parents name, school/college name, likes and hobbies and so on….
I summarized in one word…. your identity is nothing but data, a collection of bits of data about your life, which makes you identifiable. That’s the most important aspect of life and therefore should be safeguarded in every possible way. 
Think of it, with social media and chat sites, all your data is in open domain….with all users today using smartphones even data on your likes and dislikes and even photographs of your family member are in open domain, with your well-wishers as well as your not so well-wishers.
Hence all smartphone users should make them safer by making their smartphones smarter. Think of one solution and not in bits and pieces to achieve it! Your identity would be safe….
Any discussions on this topic are most welcome and I as the writer would love to have my opinion challenged. You never know, your questions might open new areas of understanding for me.
PS: Don, the author of this post is a person who  is just short of reaching a half-century in age and is still fighting for his identity.Opinions are with his experience and need not always be true 


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