Privacy Policy

1. We Only Collect Your Personal Information When We Need It To Provide You A Service. We are committed to only collecting the information necessary to provide and improve MIFON’s services. When we do collect your information, we store it and associate it with your account unless otherwise noted. We take your privacy very seriously and will only use and disclose this information under the terms described in this Privacy Policy.

2. Information MIFON Collects

a. Registration Information To create an account, you must provide your email address, phone number  and set a password.

b . Device Information When you use MIFON services, our servers automatically record certain information about your mobile device. This information may include information such as an equipment identifier (e.g., IMEI, UDID), subscriber identifier (e.g., IMSI), device name, mobile phone number, device type and manufacturer, operating system type and version, wireless carrier / operator, network type, country of origin, Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, WIFI interface MAC ID and the dates and times of your requests. We use this information to provide our services, and support if needed, and to calculate anonymous, aggregate statistics about the users of our products. For example, collecting your device’s phone number allows the service to contact your phone via SMS when you locate your phone from the MIFON web application.

c. Information About Your Use of MIFON Services on Your Phone We use analytics software so that we can improve the features and usability of our products. This software may analyze information such as how often you use the application, the events that occur within the application, and where the application was downloaded. We may also use such information to show you relevant content and suggest new features, products and services that can enhance your use of the MIFON Service. We do not link the information we store within the analytics software to any personally identifiable information you submit within the mobile app.

d. Information About Your Use of MIFON’s Website and Mobile Website We use analytics services to measure how people use our website so that we can improve our products and services and provide more relevant content to you. Analytics services may work by embedding invisible images that are associated with unique identifiers on our site.

e. Missing Device MIFON Missing Device helps you find and secure your phone if it is lost or stolen. You can locate your phone on a map using location information provided by your email or phone, activate a loud siren even if your volume is muted so that you can find a phone lost nearby, wipe your phone, or lock your phone. Features and settings are controlled through our website.

f. Location Data MIFON derives location information in two ways. We may receive it directly from your mobile device, or, in some situations, we may receive location data from cell tower or Wi-Fi hotspot information. We may use third-party service providers to translate that information into usable location information. Our purpose in collecting this information is to provide you with the location of your phone when you request it. If you activate the locate feature in Missing Device, your browser will send location information to third-party map providers (e.g. Google Maps) in order to display a map of the location within your MIFON account webpage. When activating this feature, we track the phone’s location for several minutes in order to provide an accurate location for you. This information is retained in your account history a maximum of 30 days.

g. LoBat  collects and stores information in the same way as Missing Device (see above). It collects location information and sends it back to MIFON only when your battery is running low. After which, we save the phone’s location at the time we received the low battery alert to This feature will help you locate your phone near its last known location if you lose it and its battery dies.

h. Thiefie Alerts MIFON’s Theeifie Alert feature uses your device’s camera and location features to help you figure out where your device might be (and who might have it) in the event that your device is lost or stolen. If Theft Alerts is activated, the application monitors below device behaviors to trigger user alerts, which you can turn on or off at any time: Incorrect password entries on your device or MIFON mobile application’s lock screen; Removal or change of SIM cards; Disablement of MIFON device administrator capabilities (via device settings or through the mobile application); and What types of information Theft Alerts collects, if activated: Password and technical device data. In addition to the photographic and location information described above, the application keeps track of the above device behaviors that trigger Theft Alerts. How the information that Theft Alerts collects is used: When Theft Alerts is activated and a photo is taken, the picture and location data are stored briefly on our servers so we can send you an email with the picture and a map of your device’s location. The picture is then deleted. We send the email to the address associated with your account (or for Group Plans, to the address associated with the device that took the photo), so remember to keep your email address up to date in your account settings. We use technical information about Theft Alert’s activities on your device to study, optimize, and troubleshoot our products.

i. Customer Care( MIFON Genie Helpline) : You can use  MIFON  Helpline ( if available in your region)   to find and secure your phone if it is lost or stolen to perform remote functions on your device at your request, including: Locking the device ( SoS) , Wiping the device, or Activating a loud siren ( Wailer) Customer service representatives may perform such functions only at your request and with your consent. Additional types of user information MIFON Customer Care  collects: Your phone number, if available, and information about the type of device and operating system you are using to ensure that customer service representatives accurately identify and manage the remote functions on your device. To protect users’ privacy, whenever a customer service representative executes any of the above functions, MIFON immediately notifies the user via email. Customer service representatives do not have access nor control over any user data backed up via MIFON’s mobile application.

3. We Use Your Personal Information to Provide, Improve, and Promote our Services. We use your personal information to provide you with a better service, improve the quality of our products and services, and promote our services. For example: If you fill out a survey or email MIFON for support, we may retain the information you give us in order to provide you with support and to improve our services. Where available, MIFON may use client device information to let you know you need to update your operating system. We may send text messages to your phone to communicate with your device. We may use your email address or mobile number to send privacy or security related notices and notify you of major MIFON services changes. We may use your email address or mobile phone number to communicate about product announcements and special promotions from MIFON or our business partners, or to administer participation in special events, surveys, contests and sweepstakes. We may use your information to conduct market research and engage in joint promotional activities with companies that have products that can add value to MIFON products or services (for example, with mobile operators or go to market partners ).

4. We May Disclose Your Information in Accordance with the Law. Like other companies, we may disclose your information in accordance with law, for example, to (i) comply with a law, regulation, or legal request; (ii) protect the safety of any person; (iii) address potential violations of our Privacy Policy or Terms of Service; (iv) investigate fraud, security, or technical issues; or (v) protect MIFON’s rights or property, our employees, users and the public. However, we strongly believe that you have a right to know if we are required by law to disclose your information. As such, before we disclose your Information in response to a law enforcement request (for example, a  court order), we will notify you at the email listed in your account, unless (a) we are prohibited from doing so or (b) in emergency cases where notice could create a risk of injury or death to an identifiable individual or group of individuals, or the case involves potential harm to minors. In such cases, we might delay notice to you. Furthermore, nothing in this Privacy Policy is meant to limit any legal defenses or objections that you may have to a third party’s, including the government’s, request to disclose your information.

5. We Share Your Personal Information to Provide or Improve Our Services We share your personal information to provide or improve our services. For example: We may share your information with third party providers of products and services integrated with our software that need to know your information to fulfill your product or service requests (for example, to map your location or send you an SMS), support our products and services, or analyze data for product performance and product improvement purposes. We may share your information with mobile operators who participate in our Customer Care Web Application program to enable them to assist you directly with MIFON Missing Device features, such as remote locate, lock, wipe, or Scream through our Customer Care Web Application, at your request. We may share your information to perform accounting, auditing, billing reconciliation, and collection activities. We may share your information with our affiliates, resellers or other third party service providers that are working with MIFON (for example, mobile operators and MDM providers) to ensure proper delivery of your purchase and related support services, perform business-related functions, and provide you with information about products and services.

6. We Share Your Personal Information to Avoid Unnecessary Marketing In order to prevent you from receiving duplicate or unnecessary marketing about MIFON products or service, we may share your personal information or your status as a current MIFON customer with our partners or service providers.

7. We Share Data That is Aggregated and Anonymized We share anonymized, aggregated data with partners and third-parties and in security reports. Such data are never associated with personal information and cannot be identified with you. For example, we may share the number of devices that have ever encountered a particular piece of malware in our security reports. 8. Data Retention Policy Our policy is to retain data only as long as reasonably necessary to provide our products and services to you and others. Except for current Premium Accounts, we reserve the right to delete (i) all Backup Data if you have not accessed our services for 90 consecutive days, or (ii) pictures and call history from your Backup Data if you have not upgraded to a Premium Account within 90-days after your Premium trial or if you have discontinued your Premium Account for 90 consecutive days. We will notify you via the email address associated with your account before deleting your Backup Data.

8. We Take Security Seriously MIFON is a security company, and securing your data is one of our top priorities. MIFON uses commercially reasonable physical, managerial, and technical safeguards. For example, we use a combination of firewalls, encryption, authentication, physical security, and other safeguards to protect your account and your data. 10. You Are Responsible for Maintaining the Accuracy and Confidentiality of Your Email Address and Password You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your password at all times. We recommend a strong password that you do not use with other services. If you believe your password has been compromised, please change your password immediately via the MIFON website. You are responsible for ensuring that the email address associated with your account is accurate. We use that email to contact you about service updates, changes to our policies, and account activities such as requests for your information or locate attempts on your device. MIFON is not responsible for personal data transmitted to a third party as a result of a user’s providing an incorrect email address.

9. This Privacy Policy Will Apply Upon Change in Control In the event that MIFON is involved in a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets, your information may be sold or transferred as part of that transaction.

10. We Post Updates on Our Website Whenever This Policy Changes This Privacy Policy may be revised to keep pace with changes in our products and services and laws applicable to MIFON and you. If we make material changes to this policy, then we will notify you in our application, here on this website, by email, or by means of a notice on the MIFON home page. Please note that your continued use of our services means that you agree with, and consent to be bound by, the new Privacy Policy. If you do not wish your information to be subject to the revised Privacy Policy, you will need to close your account.

11. Contact Us if You Have Any Questions or Concerns Please contact our privacy manager at with any questions or comments about this privacy policy.