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How Neelika Keeps her Family Safe with MIFON

Like many in big cities, we too migrated to the National capital region, from smaller towns of India. With such moves comes the sense of insecurity associated with large cities. Iron grill on door and windows of your homes, guards in the society you live in give you a sense of security as you go on with your daily lives. But you are always watchful even if subconsciously, after all even your neighbor in a big city is a stranger.

I am Neelika Kaul, a mother and a teacher with a Multinational educational institution and would like to emphasize that with time me and my husband Kapil Kaul, who works for an MNC tech firm, somewhere found a value of “prevention being better than cure” within our family. My children who are teenagers aged 17 and 14 have also inherited similar value as a fundamental part of their upbringing.


Recently, in our family, we came across 2 situations and that’s why our family wanted to share with concerned parents and explain how every incident can be looked upon as -ve and ignored though it could have +ve takeaways which we often ignore.

My daughter’s school organizes an annual Cadet Corp offsite camp as part of their school curriculum. She had to go to a camp which was in a far off location and for 5 nights and live in tents. They were not entitled to call on/use mobile phones but could carry them.

It was not only for us that we were uncertain(though we trust the school and their security measures) but it was also the first time for our daughter to stay alone, away from the comforts and security of her home and manage herself on her own.i dont worry i got mifon

This is when I came across an app that allowed me to track her location using google map, but it did not end there. Our worry was, what happens if she was in an area which has no network coverage. To our delight, we found that this was the only app where we could use an SMS based tracking mechanism, where the reply came to us with the coordinates of the physical location of the phone. Though it was not “classical real time” but we observed that it was near 100% when it came to perfection. We asked our daughter, showed her the application and explained to her that we did not want to “Police” her, but how we could achieve absolute peace of mind-both ways. Surprisingly, while our apprehension was that she would say “why do you want to do this”, she really understood the purpose of the app and she showed more comfort with the app than us.

Should I need to say anything at this juncture: what happened during the trip? It was not only a win-win for both parties, we used it for the 2nd time when my son went for an interschool activity that was a day long in a different city.

This is how our association with miFon started! oh! sorry, my mistake, the application was downloaded from google playstore and is called miFon.

As a satellite family, many of you who are reading this would co-relate with your pasts and many who are apprehensive about the future to come, we would want you to try miFon. Remember, you tell your child “i’ll track you”, they feel insecure…you explain to them why you want to track them? they understand that “you are their best friends”….possibly that’s why this part of the solution in that app is called “friend and family tracker”

Thanks and be safe! You can always feel free to get back to us for any help or questions!  Click here to write back to us

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