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Murali Gopalan’s Secret: Peace of Mind

I am Murali Gopalan a veteran from the Pharmaceutical Industry. I recently shifted to Bengaluru with my wife.

I am no app freak, but am a skeptical person and possibly always looking for the vulnerabilities of any new system that becomes a part of my regular life.

Coming from the background of GUI based PC’s and understanding the hassles and irritants called viruses, it took me a while to move into smartphones as I equated the two. Even after moving to a smartphone I did not feel completely safe. I felt that many of my critical data, which could be stored on my smartphone, would not be safe and consulted a friend of mine.

He told me,”if your concern is about virus only, use miFon, though it’s not an antivirus app alone…its a complete security suite for your smartphone”.

Trusting him I downloaded and installed miFon, and every morning used to open my phone with fear….but it always gave me a message, phone scanned, malware removed and status of the phone “SAFE”.

After a while I started to move my critical data in phases, starting with “not so important” first. I never realized that after a few months, my smartphone usage was higher than my PC usage. I even started using my smartphone to conduct monetary transactions albeit with some trepidation. But all’s been well so far.

Thereafter, I started analyzing the features and benefits of the miFon software and with the help of the posts in their blogs became aware that miFon is not an antivirus app but can do many more things. The most important being the “lost phone finder”.

What used to worry me before was, what if I lost my phone, but I now know miFon will track it for me.

Realisations often come with age, maturity, and experience. The biggest realization at my situation I have presently is that ultimately we all wish to preserve our identity and our peace of mind.

If you feel so, take my suggestion, download and install miFon as it will not only protect your family and your personal data but also protect your phone!



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