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Think Smarter when you Think Insurance!

If you watch Detective Movies or a Crime Series, this question often pops up: Is a high life insurance cover an overhead or threat to your life or a security cover for your family?
 Are You Blinking?
Similarly, what does your car insurance offer you, only damages claim? Or safety against the loss of the car?
Have you ever gone through the hassle of claiming insurance for a major accident or a claim against the theft of a car? Forget the hassle and the running around, how much time later you get back the money? Months or years?
That’s possibly the reason why most people ignore buying insurance for their phones, which is one of the most precious possession.
So why insure something that might not have that big an impact on your phone loss would. Worried about the hassles and running around for a 10k product forgetting it can cause millions of losses to you. What if your phone had something which could itself catch the thief? 
You then can quickly settle expenses with the proof that its stolen, along with the thieves photograph and location…… read the following story, where the thief, for the fear of police and insurance companies interrogation preferred to return the stolen phone at https://www.mifon.mobi/ashmitatruestory/ ….and simply make your smartphone SMARTER.
That’s why you should yourself behave SMARTER and decide what needs insurance the most? It’s not whats urgent or whats important. The SMARTER way to think is whats urgent and important.
Think Smarter when you Think insurance!
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