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Why associate SECURITY with VIRUS?  Think SMARTER


Is Data Security = Anti-Virus?

If one were to ask you in confidence what is a virus? In early 1980’s your answer would likely have been “unknown germs that make you ill”. In mid 1990’s it translated to “ a problem on my PC” and today “ dirty people who write those dirty software to bring down computers”. Look at the transformation, can i say its an example of physical energy being transformed into digital energy?
I was going through a nice video interview on this by a group of well-known panelists and I will share it with you moving forward in case you reply back asking for it. The result or conclusion of the discussion was “anti-virus should be made by the organizations that make the software for which virus can be written”.
So why equate antivirus with security? For Clean non-buggy software for which virus cannot be written do not need an anti-virus, they only need a Cleanser.
Just like our journey from pen and paper moved to digitization in mid-eighties and fixed to mobile computing in mid 90’. This is the era of pocket full data” if I may call it so” as our smartphone moves with us wherever we go, in other words, our identity and data is 100% mobile!!
How many of you can name a virus on Android or IOS? 
This era is not about anti-virus, it’s about protection and safeguard…..protection of your families whereabouts and their data, protection of your personal data and not to forget protection of your data carrying devices …..your smartphone….so make it SMARTER!!!!
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Use tools and apps that can make your phone unloseable, anti-theft and can carry the data and physical location of your family and loved ones….the anti-virus will anyway come free(as writing a virus on the Android platform is not impossible but surely “near-impossible….no intentions to hurt historical characters). Anti-virus should never be built as a standalone software unless the platform it’s being built for is extremely unsafe and buggy!!!
My final question to you is …when are YOU getting SMARTER?????
PS: Opinions are personal to the author and can be questioned.


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