How to Use Android’s Anti-Theft Mobile App Features (miFon)

anti theft mobile app

Anti-theft mobile app features are available for android device.

Maybe you have Googled “mobile theft tracker” or something along these lines “how to track my phone by IMEI number”. Not many people understand that it’s very convenient to track lost Android phone by using the device IMEI. So you may simply search for “best phone tracking app android whichever the purpose triggering you to Google this, this article covers the best way to use Android anti-theft security features with Mifon – an app with more than 3M installs.
Millions of Android smartphones are lost globally. No matter how people miss their phones at any time anywhere, you can use very effective third-party apps such as Mifon to track and locate your lost or misplaced device.
The ultimate solution is to use powerful, very effective and easy to use Mifon anti-theft mobile app. This article leads you on how mifon features protect Android devices from theft. Security of your device is essential if you need to fully stay safe and covered when anything happens on your device.
When you have the right app with best in class anti-theft mobile app features to track a cell phone if you misplaced or track a lost phone, chances of retrieving your device is very high. Mifon is available for free from Google Play. You can have a look at our very impressive security features. I’m sure you’ll love it just as we strive to make it more personal and unique with all the important detail that matters most to you with you your device.
Here are the major features of Mifon Android’s anti-theft mobile App features:

Location Tracking

The first thing to do when your device is stolen or misplaced is to try to get the exact location of the device. Mifon smartly simplifies this feature to make it easy to get the real-time location of your lost smartphone.

It provides you with two ways to get the exact location:

· By using mifon remote SMS command. You can track your lost smartphone even if it’s switched off by sending an SMS command to your device and you will get the live location of your stolen phone.

· By logging in to your mifon web-based dashboard and get the exact location of your device.

Even if the thief turned off GPS or your device has no internet connection (Mifon GPS phone tracker). Once you have got the exact location of your device, you can perform other SMS commands to further restrict your device access like locking display with a pattern or password, wailing it loudly, or if by fate you can’t retrieve your device anymore, you can wipe data to ensure the intruder can’t access it.

Here is how to do it with an SMS. Replace “XXXX” with your Mifon passcode.
SMS: Mifon “xxxx” Locate.

Track device location using Mifon web-based dashboard.
You can do more from Mifon online web-based dashboard option. If you don’t want to rely on SMS, just log in to the mifon browser dashboard using any device and perform any action you want. You can track the device location (with a clear and detail map), make the device ring loud (if you think it’s near you), wipe data and more. You don’t have to rely on your friend’s device to perform SMS command. Use your mifon password and achieve the same.

Remotely Siren

Remote siren if very important especially when you are sure the device is within your reach. Maybe you misplaced it in the house. When you use the features, you can loudly hear the device sound and you can locate and retrieve it. Thousands of Mifon app users have reported how this feature is very helpful driving away their worries of losing their phone especially if it was set to silent.

Send an SMS command to your stolen device from any devices. Once it’s delivered, an alarm will start immediately and if it’s within your earshot, you can locate and happily have access to your smartphone. Isn’t it a great feature?

Even if the thief stole your device and switched off, still the device will ring loudly making the thief uncomfortable since the sound can’t be stopped for a set period of time.
SMS: Mifon “xxxx” Siren

Family Security/Family Tracker

Your family is more valuable to you than anything else. For most people, family security is their fundamental obligation ensuring that every member stays safe and protected.

Gone are those days where we relied on calls and SMS and waiting for our loved ones to pick up our calls or return the SMS. What if they never fulfill this? Not many Android anti-theft apps have this feature as part of their package putting mifon ahead of the competitive curve. Mifon allows you to connect your family members and frequently keep track of their location 24/7.

It’s not necessarily acting as a spy. This anti-theft and security app doesn’t spy on its users. It’s a platform that allows you (particularly if you have children who have access to phones) to personally track them and know their whereabouts and safety.

Even if their phone is stolen, you can perform the same features as you would with your phone to track and locate. With mifon, you stay connected and in sync with your entire family members. And track their location for safety. Simply invite all your family members to your private group mifon app on your device.

There are times tracking the location of a lost phone isn’t enough. You may have some unanswered question like “WHO really stole my phone?” Mifon is your ultimate answer giving you the exact person who stole your smartphone. With remote thief selfie, it easy to capture the person who has your device by using both front and back cameras of your device.

If by lack you know that person, you can locate him/her or report to the relevant authorities. When a person tries to unlock your phone and fails, the app automatically captures pictures of the thief selfie and send to your email.

Remote Wipe

There are tons of unique features you can use to locate a lost phone and retrieve it. But, if it seems you cannot have access to it anymore, Mifon has a smart feature that allows you to remotely wipe your device.

Remote wipe uses your device IMEI or online dashboard to completely wipe the smartphone’s data. It can work without an internet connection. No more worries about your valuable personal data like contacts, SMS, app chats, photos and more. To ensure you don’t permanently lose your data, you need to get the data backup with mifon app setting using “miBackup” which will automatically backup your data to your existing Gmail ID. All backup file will be easily accessible on your Google drive. 100% Private & 100% Hassle Free.

Once you have achieved this, you can permanently wipe your data on the lost device and be free from intruder access and stolen data.

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