Group: Setting up MIFON

smX Setup

Anywhere Anytime Ubiquitous Remote Controls that you can use to control your mobile from any other mobile Default smX passphrase is ‘MIFON’ & can be changed from Drop Down menu -> Account-> Edit -> Passphrase (smX) smX format is  for sending to your mifon smartphone : miFon MIFON command commands are: locate , siren , […]

miGroup Setup

Graphical Dashboard with Map of all Users in your Group with full remote controls Go to: App home->miActions->miGroup and Enter/Select your miFon account email & your 6 Digit Password ( default is 777777 ) and you will get to the miGroup Dashboard with a map view of all your mifon smartphones. Add another user to […]

SOS Setup

Smartest Way to Discreetly Seek Help in Emergencies. Once triggered by one of the 3 options Click on top left “|||” to invoke the ‘Drop Down’ Menu & Select “Settings”->”SoS” and then the ‘SoS’ button on bottom 1. Enable ‘SoS mode”2. Enable the desired ‘SoS Triggers” 3. Click on the ‘pen’ icon to enter/edit your […]

miBkup Setup

Smart Secure Cloud Backup for your Personal Data. Uses your personal Google Drive storage , once setup works automatically Go to: App home->miActions->miBkup : First time will give you the list of Google Accounts configured in your Android Smartphone. Select one and next screen ‘Allow” miFOn to view & manage Google Drive files & folders […]

xFit Setup

Smart Device Cleaner that works automatically for you (xFit cleans up your phone by deleting cache and unused files and speeds up your phone) Go to: App home->miActions->xFit & you can: 1.”Analyse Now” to do a initial device analysis and gives you options to do ‘Speed Up”  2. ’AutoX autoFit” -> Set automatic xFit scans […]

miVac Setup

Smart AntiVirus, Anti-Malware that works automatically for you (If miVac is enabled, it keeps scanning the phone for new malware and alerts you by email the moment it finds any malware on your phone) Go to: App home->miActions->miVac & you can 1. enable or disable  miVac 2. “Protect Now” gives you options to do ‘Fast […]