Smart Secure Cloud Backup for your Personal Data. Uses your personal Google Drive storage , once setup works automatically Go to: App home->miActions->miBkup :

  1. First time will give you the list of Google Accounts configured in your Android Smartphone. Select one and next screen ‘Allow” miFOn to view & manage Google Drive files & folders for miBkup to work for you.
  2. Select “ Backup Settings” ad select the types of media to be backed up from the slider tabs.
  3. Select ‘Backup Over “ “Wifi” or “Mobile Data” . Default is ‘Wifi” to make sure your backups won’t consume your mobile data plan.
  4. First time setup, you may do a “Backup Now” or let ‘AutoX’ take care of it ‘Daily’.

All backups are taken between 5am and 7am in the morning and then uploaded automatically after that when your Smartphone is connected to WIFI after that.


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