Does Convergence make Life Smarter?

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Yes, Does Convergence really makes our Life Smarter & Secure?  Convergence is no longer a buzzword. It used to be one in the early 2000’s when I happened to attend a show. One of the panelists, who then headed Cisco in India and later headed EMC in India brought up a nice point that I still remember 17 years down the line.

He declared  “the key to Convergence is Conversion” And added, “when I get into my office I check my official mail, my personal mail, my landline voicemail, my mobile voicemail and several more….cant Voice and data convergence also make me converge to a platform where I have the option to choose and prioritize?”  I understand, while we believe that we have moved up the value chain, we have become lazy.  Let me try to prove my point by asking you a simple question. When you switch on your mobile phone what do you look into?  The same thing that the panelist mentioned + various apps: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, bank accounts, news sites for headlines, virus scan results, spam accumulated and even forget how we stand on the power situation. To avoid these hassles and keying in the password, we usually have all the apps passwords keyed in with a remember me “ticked” Now there are two hassles to it. 

  1. Where is true convergence?
  2. Where is the security if my phone is stolen/lost and someone manages to crack the pattern password on my smartphone screen

The finder can get hold of my identity if it falls into wrong hands then it can be disastrous!On the 30th of December 2009, I was sitting in the airport lounge in Bengaluru (exclusively for Kingfisher – it operated then) when my co-passenger opened the Mac placed in the lounge to see someones Gmail open. Being a good Samaritan, he used the same account to send a mail to the account of the person who left it open, describing how he was violating his personal security and calling for unnecessary trouble. Therefore the issue is not with the simple convergence of technology, it’s about our behavioral pattern.  Since the smartphone is our co-passenger to our destination always, can we not get a SMARTER converged application that helps us  SECURE our friend for life?  Our Data, our phone, and our family? why have multiple apps fed us with respective data?

PS: Author has traveled extensively across Asia and analyzed the behavioral pattern of residents all across. However, his opinions are his opinions and he agrees to answer back to any and every query.