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What is more IMPORTANT to You : Money, Fame or Identity?

 Money: Can we survive without it? Just the other day I met a bright college student. In my discussion, the topic of the importance of money came up. I told him to decide what he wants to achieve in life with money. Earn that much and spend that much, as like electricity money cannot be […]

are we physically secure?

Are We Physically SECURE?

Unlike yesterday when we could lock our properties, close the doors and lock the gate to feel our home is secured, or when we took “approved cars”, drank water from taps with “drinking water “ board provided to feel secure…..the world has changed today. Whether it’s for good or bad, data and digitization of records […]


COLLEGE CAMPUS SAFEGUARD #StudentPowerOffer COLLEGE SAFETY [READ-MORE] LiVe SMARTER with MIFON EXCLUSIVE  STUDENT DISCOUNT OFFER Pay by PAYtm India : Rs.45/-  Rest of World: US$1.20 Avail Your OFFER [ditty_news_ticker id=”912″] Know who’s trying to see your private sms & photos. Great to get a thief’s photo , if stolen A Group Dashboard that’s so smart […]

Are College Campus Safe Enough?

For most students entering university, the only physical threat was over-the-top ragging by seniors. Not any more. The college campus is a dangerous place. University is an experience, often a life-changing one. You leave school a spotty child, and three years later, you’re sort of grown up. You have friends you’ll probably never lose. There are some incredible opportunities […]

Ric Manning Managing Editor Gizmo Editor

MIFON Beats Ric Manning’s Expectations, Again!

“No Apps that I have encountered takes Tracking, Security and Recovery farther then miFon” Ric Manning, Managing Editor, GizmoEditor(USA) Click to Read the  GizmoEditor Article MIFON Update Beats GizmoEditor Expectations

Your Facebook Private Data Kill Switch

Yes, there is a simple way to ensure your Private Data in Facebook is Safeguard with one click! Just go to Facebook on your favourite web browser & do the following: Go to Settings 2. Select Apps 3. Select Edit 4. Disable Platform   And no apps can come anywhere around with your private data […]

How I Caught a Uber Phone Thief!

How I Caught a Uber Phone Thief with MIFON Ashmita Mandal is a Masters in Spanish Language from JNU, New Delhi and has been working and living in Gurgaon/NCR for about a decade. She works in the Tech enabling vertical of the Education industry supporting customers in India as well as Global customers.   “Last week, […]

The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence

The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation: Feb 2018 Twenty-five  technical and public policy researchers from Cambridge, Oxford and Yale universities, alongside privacy and military experts, said that within five years it’s plausible that AI will advance the threats to digital, physical and political security by allowing for large-scale, finely targeted, highly […]