Murali’s Secret: Peace of Mind

Murali Gopalan’s Secret: Peace of Mind I am Murali Gopalan a veteran from the Pharmaceutical Industry. I recently shifted to Bengaluru with my wife. I am no app freak, but am a skeptical person and possibly always looking for the vulnerabilities of any new system that becomes a part of my regular life. Coming from […]

Amar, A miFon Love Story

Amar, a miFon Love Story This is not a run of the mill love story, that’s why it’s titled as a miFon Love Story! Hi!, I am Amarnath Prasad, an Alumni of JNU with Masters in the Spanish Language. I represent one of India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of Industrial goods, in their International Sales Operations. […]

How Neelika Keeps her Family Safe

How Neelika Keeps her Family Safe with MIFON Like many in big cities, we too migrated to the National capital region, from smaller towns of India. With such moves comes the sense of insecurity associated with large cities. Iron grill on door and windows of your homes, guards in the society you live in give you a sense of […]

Does Convergence make Life Smarter?

Does Convergence make Life Smarter? Yes, Does Convergence really makes our Life Smarter & Secure?  Convergence is no longer a buzzword. It used to be one in the early 2000’s when I happened to attend a show. One of the panelists, who then headed Cisco in India and later headed EMC in India brought up […]

Are Smarter People more Secure?

Are Smarter People MORE Secure? Still pondering what smarter people got to do with being more secure? Read on! This is something very strange that happened to me recently and my family consisting of my wife(other than me) changed their opinion about me.   Ever since I bought myself my first smartphone, I wanted to use it differently than […]

Is Data Security = Anti-Virus?

Why associate SECURITY with VIRUS?  Think SMARTER   Is Data Security = Anti-Virus?  If one were to ask you in confidence what is a virus? In early 1980’s your answer would likely have been “unknown germs that make you ill”. In mid 1990’s it translated to “ a problem on my PC” and today “ dirty […]

Answer & Win!

ANSWER & WIN PRIZES! Are SMARTER People More SECURE? How I Caught a Phone Thief with MIFON!  Neelika Keeps her Family Safe with MIFON GET SMARTER with MIFON,  Read Our BLOG


 There are SMARTER ways to be SECURE. Did you like your parents policing you when you were a kid? I did not.   Physical SECURITY those days were not so SECURE as its perhaps today. I was having a chat with a long-time friend of mine, who has a teenaged daughter. My daughter is knocking on similar doors […]

How SECURE are You on Social Media?

  There are many reasons observed on traffic media sources leading in or taking one out of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. as well as professional media sites like Linkedin etc. The following is based on the names mentioned above as they are possibly the most renowned/commonly used ones. Let’s start with Facebook and […]

Are You Blinking?

Is Insurance a Threat or Security?

Think Smarter when you Think Insurance!   If you watch Detective Movies or a Crime Series, this question often pops up: Is a high life insurance cover an overhead or threat to your life or a security cover for your family? Similarly, what does your car insurance offer you, only damages claim? Or safety against the loss […]