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How I Caught a Uber Phone Thief with MIFON

Ashmita Mandal is a Masters in Spanish Language from JNU, New Delhi and has been working and living in Gurgaon/NCR for about a decade. She works in the Tech enabling vertical of the Education industry supporting customers in India as well as Global customers.


“Last week, after I reached home I realised that my beloved Lenovo phone is not with me and I froze, that if it is stolen and my payments & banking credentials get misused, what if my private photos get compromised.

Suddenly it struck me, that I may have left it in the Uber ride I took to come home.   Now how do I reach Uber, I don’t have my phone where I ordered. Opened my laptop and searched for uber lost time and found a way to report that a lost item. Uber responded on my alternate home number and connected me to the driver and there goes my conversation:

Me : bhaiya I left my phone in your car.
Driver : no madam, after dropping you i picked up two non-uber customers….maybe they have taken it. I didn’t find anything in my car.

MIFON Smarter SmartphoneThis is when i remembered that I had something in my phone which could lock my device.I had the MIFON Security app on it, but never used it…so I hunted my email for all the mifon alerts….the first one was a MIFON THIEFIE alert (which incidentally was also the last message I got from my missing phone) had a picture of the cab driver, with his map location.

I went back & contacted the Uber driver again:

Me: bhaiya, the phone is with you, and I am seeing you driving towards Mini Secretariat. Do i show it to the police so that they can arrest you?

Driver : ma’am I am sorry, please do not draw me into a police case.I promise I will come and deliver you the phone as it was.Please do not complain to the police.

The next morning the phone returned to me! My precious personal data intact and my phone back, both of which I needed badly. Thanks a million, MIFON, it is priceless to get my stolen phone back!”



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