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Unlike yesterday when we could lock our properties, close the doors and lock the gate to feel our home is secured, or when we took “approved cars”, drank water from taps with “drinking water “ board provided to feel secure…..the world has changed today.

Whether it’s for good or bad, data and digitization of records have taken over print and moving forward it will continue this way and more and more data will engulf us.

Today, I see many people screaming about data security provided by Aadhaar card. The medium used is Facebook and WhatsApp. Question is we are doubting our government and showing our non-acceptance of the government law on a medium that’s neither secure nor belongs to our country…..for all you know, it helps terrorists to track people to build networks!!!!

Just like physical security means your property, your home and yourself, today mobile security is just not about the data…. it’s about the data, the physical phone and your family(whose safety you care for the most).

Coming from the virus impacted Dos/Windows PC background days, we feel Data security is about Antivirus…. it’s actually not so. How many viruses have one seen on Android or iOS that command 100% of the global market together today?

Think beyond anti-virus or anti-malware when it comes to mobile security, as the threats come from different angle. It’s about people trying to steal your phone- some to misuse your data, some to sell the handset and make a quick buck, but more importantly think about protecting your family using your phone and staying connected all the time.

Look for an app that helps you achieve all, did you find one? Any discussions on this topic are most welcome and I as the writer would love to have my opinion challenged. You never know, your questions might open new areas of understanding for me.


PS: The writer being of Indian origin, some examples used are relevant to India only


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