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Are Smarter People MORE Secure?

Still pondering what smarter people got to do with being more secure? Read on!
This is something very strange that happened to me recently and my family consisting of my wife(other than me) changed their opinion about me. 
 Ever since I bought myself my first smartphone, I wanted to use it differently than most others(whom I believe transited from a normal phone to a smartphone for looks, peer pressure , play-list etc) not true Convergence to make their lives Smarter and more Secure.I took to evaluating every app that came my way and keep those that I felt might be helpful and deleted the rest. My wife was of the opinion that I carried more garbage than useful matter when I traveled and hated my smartphone
Email access on handhelds is nothing new and since the Blackberry days, it was a must for every frequent traveler. My travel schedules are such that twice  in life I have been in 4 different cities on the same day. 
One day I return home from a business trip to see my wife in a sad state of mind, very nervous and weeping. On asking she replied that police had come and had summoned me to the police station without stating any reason. 
The next morning I went to the police station and my wife accompanied me being in a zombie state after a sleepless night. Not that I wasn’t tensed
At the police station, they asked my wife to be seated and wait and I was taken inside the interrogation room and grilled but not more than 30 min when my wife saw me smiling and returning back with the investigating officer.
We shook hands and while I was to leave the police station, my co-passenger, my wife asked me “what actually the matter was”.
I replied, “this is not the right place, let’s reach home, after that we can discuss this over breakfast”.
Back at home when I narrated the incident to my wife, to my dismay, I realized that she with a big smile on her face asking me “ when are you getting your salary? I want to buy myself a ‘smartness kit as well’! or can I use my credit card as the bill could reach only next month!”
What happened was something like this:
Inside the locked interrogation room, I was charged with a hit and run case where the victim passed away on the spot! Since I had a red Jeep (so has many) the nearby CCTV which could not capture my no. captured an image of the car. I was, therefore, a prime suspect.
The incident took place on the night whose date was 2 days before and I knew for sure I was in Singapore that night. I was neither carrying my boarding passes nor my passport to the police station, but how did I manage to go free?
I remembered that I had an app ( I am an App Addict), that could possibly prove that my innocence.
I checked my mailbox and pulled the ‘Daily Whereabouts’ mail that I used to get from this life saver & wonderfully smart app, called MIFON, and it clearly had logged my whereabouts for that day. I immediately submitted it to the police offer as evidence that I not where close the incident  They verified submission  &  found my claim to be correct. I also said I am ready to furnish the immigration papers on my passport and my visa stampings etc. 
On verification, they said, “apologies for the convenience Sir, we understand the pain you and your family went through, but to close the formalities we would send a bearer with these photo’s( i had forwarded the e-mail to them) in a hard copy with your due clearences, kindly sign the documents”
Why do you carry just a Smartphone when there are Smarterphones available?
(The author is considered as an app fanatic and possibly downloads and tries out every app on his Smartphone that he comes across,)


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