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For most students entering university, the only physical threat was over-the-top ragging by seniors. Not any more. The college campus is a dangerous place.

University is an experience, often a life-changing one. You leave school a spotty child, and three years later, you’re sort of grown up. You have friends you’ll probably never lose. There are some incredible opportunities for personal growth.

College years are formative for young adults, so the extracurricular,  recreational, and social opportunities offered by schools play an important role in the overall collegiate experience.


Over the past year, students across the world have been forced to grapple with threats to campus safety. From hate crimes on campus to the stabbing deaths of students. it doesn’t take an expert to see why campus safety has become increasingly important to prospective students and their families. Addressing safety issues on student campuses is a huge issue with thousands of students getting impacted every year.

Factors contributing to Campus Safety

  1. Lighting across a campus.
  2. The time of the year: freshmen period are more prone to assault & ragging.
  3. Lack of communication among campus authorities & public administration.
  4. A shortage or unavailability of crime prevention & management resources.

For most students entering university, the only physical threat was over-the-top ragging by seniors. Not any more. The campus is a dangerous place. In the US, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to secure campuses. It is estimated that by 2018 campus security spending will exceed $400 million a year. But there is no respite on the grim situation. The issue is that 93 percent of all violent crimes occur off campus, outside of the purview of campus administrators. Expensive campus security initiatives may sound good in a press release, but the evidence that they actually make college students safer is scant.

report  by CollegeStats.org analyzed survey data from over 179,000 students and the number one crime reported on college campuses is burglaries, making up over 70% of crime reports. This does not mean, however, that the situation is hopeless. There are alternative ways to protect students off-campus.

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