Amar, a miFon Love Story

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This is not a run of the mill love story, that’s why it’s titled as a miFon Love Story!

Hi!, I am Amarnath Prasad, an Alumni of JNU with Masters in the Spanish Language. I represent one
of India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of Industrial goods, in their International Sales Operations. I am married to Ashmita Mandaland we are based in Gurgaon in the National Capital Region in India.

Let me take this opportunity to provide insight into a new app that I have recently used and been completely satisfied with its results. I am talking about MiFon which has started making waves recently and I think it is a must for all smartphone users.

I didn’t think much of the app initially but came to know its amazing features when my wife(a habitual phone looser) unfortunately forgot her mobile in a ride-sharing cab. We got in touch with the driver immediately who said there is no mobile in his cab with a straight face.

We lost all hope of getting the mobile back and anyone who has lost a mobile understands the pain that we went through.

Giving up hope, the first thing was to order for a new phone(with 1-day delivery) and a SIM card to keep her in the network. Being in a sattelite family the mobile phone is a must, especially when both are working.

It was purely by chance that my wife came across the mail that miFon had sent when she was going through her mails on her new device. It not only had the location of the mobile but had the face of the driver when he was trying desperately to open the mobile.

We got the much-needed evidence. We first tried to contact the driver directly who continued maintaining his innocence.

Then we went on the social media platforms with the evidence which generated a lot of heat on the ride-sharing company who not only contacted us immediately but decided to help us out.

As there was undeniable evidence, the driver grudgingly admitted his mistake and gave us our mobile back.

We also made sure to inform the ride-sharing company to start educating the drivers about this new technology which leaves very little to “NO”chance of grabbing another’s mobile asset!

I was so happy with the app that I recommended it to all my office colleagues to avoidany such incidence. My wife did the same with her colleagues.

Unfortunately one of my colleagues lost his mobile in a crowded bus and he hadn’t installed the app. He learned the lesson the hard way.

This app, MIFON,  is very useful and I would recommend it to everybody who values his Family, Personal data, and Smartphone!