All About MIFON

MIFON is an entrepreneurial venture, focused on mobile security analytics, backed by a team of experienced professionals from the global technology, telecom and consumer industries.

It started off as an idea of co-creating value based on the value denied by existing products such as phone insurance and anti-loss security software tools.

Despite two million apps available for smartphones, literally none of them enable security in a holistic manner. Even the best ones are incomplete in one way or the other.

Team MIFON focused on the value denial opportunity and harmonise the powerful capabilities of a smartphone and pair it with the smartphone user’s dilemmas.

Over the past over two years, iterated with extensive market trials across multiple markets, enriched with user feedback and enhanced MIFON capabilities to become the best and most comprehensive choice as a smartphone security suite.

Built on a strong foundation of continued innovation as well as learning from our customers and partners, MIFON is the only one that enables full security for a user’s smartphone, data and for his family. Ubiquity is MIFON’s forte, as mobile Internet is not as pervasive and it can work even if Internet is breached. It’s architected to work on a very efficient power, data and storage footprint and make it the only security app, a smartphone user will ever need.

Knowing how to take care of your phone, personal data and your family is a crucial thing nowadays. And unfortunately, not all apps are going to offer protection for all these features. You may have to make some concessions, which is not acceptable nowadays. With miFon, you don’t have to worry about anything. Your data, phone and family are protected via this wonderfully fresh MiFon app.


In today’s world, protecting your family is very important, and what you can do is to focus on staying connected with miFon’s  thoughtful graphical map of your loved ones right on your phone, it’s a peace of mind  and you will never need to ask  “where are you?” again.  And miFon’s smart SOS PANIC button, enables your loved ones to discreetly & smartly  seek help in emergencies.


When it comes to protecting your phone, you need nothing but the best security tools out there. The Anti Loss and Find my Phone features in miFon can help you a lot. The idea is to make sure that you get the right results and the value can be outstanding in the end. miFon’s Suspicious Activity Alerts like Thiefie , together with  it’s powerful smX ( Anytime Anywhere Remote Controls that works Ubiquitously even if Internet access is not there) are great ways to keep control over your phone, even it is misplaced or stolen or tampered.  Users love the Siren feature, which makes the phone wail, even if ringer is set to silent mode and is great for finding a even a  misplaced phone at home, when it gets hidden under a pile of clothes or below the sofa.


When it comes to protecting your data, you need to pull all the stops in order to ensure that your data is protected in a proper manner. Your focus here has to be on using the right anti malware and antivirus protection.   miFon has a smart feature autoX , which includes the best protection from Malware, Virus ( miVac) as well smart cloud backup ( miBkup) as well as xFIt, which keeps your  phone as good as new. All these are set ones and run automatically, so that you can enjoy your life with zero worries.

If you want to keep your family’s personal data and memories safe, all while managing the information on your phone, then miFon is right up your alley. Just download it now and you will surely love the great value and attention to detail delivered here! Plus, miFon will always ask you for permission when it has to complete a task. By using this mobile app, you are always in control over your privacy and security, so download it now and you will not be disappointed!

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