Month: March 2018

Ric Manning Managing Editor Gizmo Editor

MIFON Beats Ric Manning’s Expectations, Again!

“No Apps that I have encountered takes Tracking, Security and Recovery farther then miFon” Ric Manning, Managing Editor, GizmoEditor(USA) Click to Read the  GizmoEditor Article MIFON Update Beats GizmoEditor Expectations

Your Facebook Private Data Kill Switch

Yes, there is a simple way to ensure your Private Data in Facebook is Safeguard with one click! Just go to Facebook on your favourite web browser & do the following: Go to Settings 2. Select Apps 3. Select Edit 4. Disable Platform   And no apps can come anywhere around with your private data […]

How I Caught a Uber Phone Thief!

How I Caught a Uber Phone Thief with MIFON Ashmita Mandal is a Masters in Spanish Language from JNU, New Delhi and has been working and living in Gurgaon/NCR for about a decade. She works in the Tech enabling vertical of the Education industry supporting customers in India as well as Global customers.   “Last week, […]