Month: May 2017

Clue to MIFON Quiz!

The CLUES for QUIZ # X The question ways : divide 30 by ½ and then add 10. So, 30÷1/2+10=30/1/1/2+10=>30×2/1×1+10=>60+1030÷1/2+10=30/1/1/2+10=>30×2/1×1+10=>60+10 =70 The CLUES for QUIZ # IX All 12 months of the year, including leap years, have 28  minimum days! ———————————–X———————————– The CLUES for QUIZ # VIII ( Expired) 1 hour. First pill taken now […]

who am i money fame identity with mifon

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MIFON Quiz#X If you divide 30 by half and add ten, what do you get ?   Answer is:        1)[25],    2)  [40.5],   3) [70]   [ Clueless?  Check for CLUES here ]  Cyber Security or Real World Security? GET SMARTER with MIFON,  Read Our BLOG  

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