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Get Peace of Mind with MIFON
  • Complete Security for Phone, Data & Family
  • Locate With or Without Internet or Power
  • Winner Golden Globe Tigers Award
  • Trusted by 4000,000 Users


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UNIQUE Features

Phone Finder

miFon anti theft app help to locate lost or stolen phones. Smartest way to find misplaced phones.

Thief selfie

Know who’s trying to see your private sms & photos. Great to get a thief’s photo , if stolen. That's MIFON's THIEFIE

With & without Internet

MIFON works even if Internet Connection is lost so that you to have full remote control even without Internet

Group Safety

MIGROUP is A Group Dashboard that’s so smart that you will Never need to say “Where are you?’ Again!

SOS Alerts

Discretely Seek help in Emergencies, with Smart Alerts. MIFON enables you to send a emergency alerts to Group members.

With or Without Power

State of art cloud based architecture designed to work on ultra low power usage and can locate phones even if powered off.

4 M+ MIFON Secured Phones

People Love & Trust Award Winning MIFON to Secure themselves, as MIFON provided the best every protection for their Android Smartphones.

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