"You can never put a price on your phone, data or family's protection. 
 MiFon ensures you never have to. 
It's not only the most comprehensive mobile security suite but the 
only one that works even if the internet is breached" Economic Times

“Use this app to make your Android device safer” BGR

"Another interesting feature is “Thiefie". If your misplaced phone is 
with an unknown person and he or she tries to open it, the device will
 quietly take a picture of that person and send it to your email so that
 you can report this as evidence to police.":  CNN NEWS18

“If you are concerned about personal data breaches being reported on 
the popular Android operating system worldwide and want your device 
to remain safe from malware, here's a new mobile security app that 
claims to fully protect your data and much more” BUSINESS STANDARD

”Internet is optional for MiFon’s critical security features to work 
and that makes real good sense for people in Asia and Africa where 
internet connectivity is not always good,”   "COMMUNICATIONS TODAY"