MIFON Labs Wins Golden Globe Tigers Awards 2019 For “The Best Mobile Security Product Of The Year”

A Singapore-based MIFON Labs is proud to be announced a winner of Golden Globe Tigers Awards 2019. The award is in recognition of MIFON’s work in transforming mobile security space majorly protecting lost and misplaced phones.

Nearly one-third of phone owners experienced a lost or stolen phone. Seeing an opportunity where insurance company and security software tools were unable to provide the much needed and holistic smartphone security, MIFON creates an innovative smartphone security suite that is comprehensive in approach, while learning continuously from the feedback of its customers and partners.

Currently, MIFON is a smartphone security company protecting 3 million+ phones and their users. Its Android miFon app protects the smartphone and helps to prevent phone loss. With its best in class anti-theft measures, miFon helps remotely locate and lock your smartphone or erase its data for your protection. Its AutoX Smart Automation safeguards smartphone by providing automatic back-ups of valuable data including SMS and photos.

The best part of the app is it works without Internet or even when your phone is switched off. Challenging mobile network coverage is no longer an issue with miFon because it allows control by SMS to wail a siren through miFon SMX. Apart from phone protection, the app also provides personal security measures with its Smart SOS Distress Mode where users can send alert to preset contacts automatically during personal emergencies.

With miFon’s Thiefie feature, smartphone owners can get an automatic email alert with a remote selfie photo of the person who is accessing their phones in an unauthorized way.

“Every year almost 100 million phones are lost or misplaced. miFon app will help to protect all these phones with best in class phone security features. We want to become the best phone security app,” Says Abhijit Barua, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MIFON Labs PTE Ltd.

The Golden Globe Tigers Awards will give MIFON recognition as a leader in the phone security sector. MIFON has added many features to their miFon app like family locator, auto backup, remote lock, emergency alert; all are in one app which consumes less than 1% battery.

About Golden Globe Tigers Awards

The Golden Globe Tigers Awards aim to recognise “TIGERS” in marketing, branding CSR & social innovation, education & academic across leadership levels in individual and organisation that aim at believing that excellence is infinite and perfection has no limit and targets are milestones not an end of the journey.

Winning the Golden Globe Tigers Awards is the highest recognition individuals and organisations can aim to achieve because they believe that perfection has no limits.

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