World's Most Intelligent & Powerful Anti-Loss Security


World's only mobile security that gives you ubiquitous control over your Android Smartphone. miFon gives you 100% secure controls to your smartphone even if Internet connectivity breaks. miFon's multi-channel technology access to your device, 24x7 x Anywhere.

100% Privacy

MIFON ensures 100% Security & 100% Privacy, ALL access to your data is 100% in your control, Always. Whether it's a Thiefie , Peekie , Seekie or SIM Change or Low Battery Alert are captured discreetly, silently , efficiently and delivered securely to you, automatically. You alone can have access to your device information and no one else.

Strikeback !

Anti Loss SoS (seeKie) trigger from MIFON turns your phone into a Superman and smartly keeps track of your lost mobile and the potential suspect and keep you posted silently & reliably 🙂 And offcourse, you have full controls from anywhere 24x7.

100% Efficient

miFon is built to be 100% Efficient on your Smartphone resources. miFon delivers more functionality & superior protection than any other security app based service. Even if you take the hassle of installing multiple apps, you won't get even close. It's extremely efficient on battery usage, memory usage, CPU usage, despite miFon's rich features. That's thanks to it's tight integration with the Android OS, & ad-free architecture, ensures maximum value , with ZERO compromise